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AEGIS npoint

Managed Security designed specifically for the endpoint

Our Managed Endpoint Security service is proudly powered by Palo Alto Networks Traps Norlem’s AEGIS Managed Security Service is based on a fundamentally unique approach.  Our teams’ culture is deeply rooted in engineering understanding.

It’s our ardent position that by deeply understanding how the technology, in this case operating systems and applications function properly coupled with deeply understanding how modern, advanced threats abuse these technologies results in unparalleled ability to defend effectively on the endpoint.

Pair this with unmatched understanding of the prevention technology itself, in this case Traps and you have a solution that results in incredible prevention posture that is tailor tuned for your specific environment.

Norlem is a multi-year winner of endpoint partner of the year for Palo Alto Networks Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection.

Our team has a background in authoring software that required learning the inner workings of operating systems at a close to the machine level, this is critically important in properly defending against modern threats as they commonly abuse these operating system services for malicious objectives.

This is reinforced by our team leveraging this expertise to comprehensively understand newly discovered threats.

If the proof of concept source code is available our team compiles the code in various forms of AEGIS malware/exploit custom payloads to explore effectiveness and to articulate step by step what the threat is doing to accomplish their target objectives.

If a sample of the threat is only available in its native weaponized form, we have invested in tools and expertise to reverse engineer comprehensive understanding of the actions the threat is taking to obtain its objectives.

Again, we think the right approach is to have world-class understanding of the technologies your protecting, the threats your protecting it from, and last the tools your using to protect the endpoint.

AEGIS npoint isn’t about just alerting your organization about threat activity, it’s about ensuring your organization is utilizing the prevention tools to their utmost efficacy for your specific set of application and operating system combinations.

Get in contact with a representative and give us the opportunity to earn your trust and business by demonstrating our competence to create an extremely effective preventative posture for your organization.

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