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About Us

Your newest team member in cybersecurity prevention

Norlem is an organization laser focused on delivering industry leading competence, expertise, and thought leadership around cybersecurity. Whether its securing endpoints running Windows, Linux, macOS, or Android; the network itself, or cloud.

Our team has a background in developing software that required a close to the machine understanding of operating systems, this code just so happened to implement standard and proprietary network protocols. The software was deployed in global sized organizations that required high performance and consistent stability.

This experience uniquely positions our team to understand appropriate, benign use of operating system and network services at a very competent and deep level.

We passionately believe that being a valued team member in cybersecurity means deeply understanding the details of the challenge, this leads to properly providing the solution.

In order to create and maintain this level of understanding Norlem’s team brings samples of contemporary threats and/or proof of concept code into our lab so we can fully articulate how the threat uses network and operating system resources to obtain their objectives; we even will compile or package the threat in custom malware to see how it potentially could be leveraged in other vectors if applicable.

Norlem combines this deep real-world experience in developing legitimate software and network protocols with our lab and “in the wild” threat research to leverage all of the powerful tools in the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform to create deliberate and desired cybersecurity outcomes.

As one of the most awarded and certified Palo Alto Networks Partners we confidently assert that we can become part of the team at your organization and create genuine value that makes your users and customers safer.