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Palo Alto Networks’ Traps, the ultimate in endpoint security protection today, is now available as a SaaS solution. Powered by Norlem Technology Consulting, the globally recognized leaders for Traps, this new as-a-Service model promises a level of protection on the endpoint never before achievable. AEGIS N-Point Secure: protecting you from antivirus.

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  • Traps Overview
  • How Traps Stacks up Against the Competition
  • The Norlem Difference
  • AEGIS N-Point Secure (Traps-as-a-Service)


Palo Alto Networks Advanced Endpoint Protection is a complete paradigm shift from detection/remediation to pure prevention, designed to close the door on these threats, which manage to evade detection by network-based security or take advantage of blind spots, well before any damage can be done.

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